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[r e a l i s e] your__worth

全世没有十全十美人 ~

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well, it's probably time for an update. my name is still teresa. i'm a college student now at uc davis. nice school, but lacks shopping places. a computer science major.

still into dramas, but college has taken a toll on me time wise so i'm no longer having 16 hour marathons. i've actually started listening to hip-hop, which i told myself that i would never get into. it's probably because i've taken an interest in dancing lately.

what else? not really much of an anime/manga fan anymore. those times were concentrated in my sophomore year at lowell. but i really like japanese dramas, especially ones with matsumoto jun. ♥ also watch korean dramas and chinese dramas. big fan of dramas, i guess. probably because i'm not a dramatic person and like to watch other people's problems.

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